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02-18-2013, 10:33 AM
They should re-work on the Breen CRM2000 and flamethrower simultaneously.


Make regular attack be not a bolt but an 'icy wind blast' similar to the flamethrower's flame..only cold. Single target, It should do low damage but reduce target's run speed AND expose them.

The high powered attack should be AOE fore cone 'freeze' blast that does health damage when the target breaks from the freeze (not as it freezes).

Essentially a crowd control weapon. Does not compete in damage at all with the flamethrower.


Regular attack: 'rolling fireball' - flamer fires a squirt that turns into a fireball like a hay-ball lit on fire and it 'rolls' to the target. Anything that it touches gets caught on fire. non-aoe, straight line type of damage (like high density rifles)

High powered attack: 25 degree cone aoe flamethrower squirt. Anything in the cone gets lit on fire.