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There's been a lot of muttering in isolated posts about this, so I thought I'd collect what I've been reading (and been feeling myself) in one comprehensive post for all too see. After the last update tricobalt weapons are kinda lame. Sure, the cooldown is 30 seconds but their damage doesn't it make them worth using anymore. I used (and I imagine many others did) tricobalts for when I really needed to bash something's skull in--so the 60 second cooldown was fine because I used them very selectively. Now they're not really worth equipping because I can still only deploy 3 mines max or 1 torpedo which can't even finish off a group of frigates. Bio-neural warheads are kinda useless too, I use to be able to take down Plesh Brek frigates (I haven't checked the numbers but they seem to be the weakest frigates in the game) in one shot with them, now it barely penetrates the shields.

TL;DR: the latest update killed the art of tric-bombing. Even giving us back 25% damage would be great, and returning the cooldown to 60 seconds would be wonderful. Tricobalts are not about DPS, they're about dealing the final blow to an enemy you've worn down some already. Heck, I can't even take out borg probes with tric mines anymore.

I don't want to come off as a malcontent, because I really do love this game and respect the devs' ability. I just feel that the update to trics, while well intended, was miscalculated and is messing up player's builds/strategies.

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