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02-18-2013, 10:40 AM
I'm currently trying to get beamscort working. I want to feel the ship, so I deleted old toon and created new tac one for this.

For first two level (lt.cmdr and cmdr.) it's kinda working. The further one goes the more "one trick pony" it becomes, but currently combination of HYT1 and BO 2 with TT (yeah, I'm silly guy who is using TT for attack buff), FOMM, APA and APO is pretty deadly. Especially if I can get the timing right and lock TB on the target between his APO cycles (when we are talking about escort) or TT when it comes to pretty much everything else.

IF BO hits then the target is toast. following torps are enough to finish the target. Problem is that when it misses, torps are splashing on the shield and I have nothing to harm even squishiest BoP. I also pay pretty heavily for this setup because I need ens. tac. for HYT so only one TT and it is used for attack buff. And with all eng consoles being dedicated to EPS transfer to quicker recover after BO (following shots keep the shield down) such setup is true glass cannon (beam).

No - I know that I could run DBB and DHCs but I'm still cmdr so it's either BO2 with APO1 or CRF2+BO2 without APO at all. Not to mention that there are only 3 forward slots so with DBB and torp there would be only one place left for DHC.

So far so good and it works. If I get good team (good sci for some debuff) then it is a one-shot killer setup. I'm tempted to get the C-Store cmdr Akira for lt. tac so that I could slot two TT and HYT II, but meh.

I only wonder how it will look like when I reach admiral levels not to mention VA. I suppose it would be pretty decent, as I only PUG, but still. Meh, will see when I get there. Combination of BO 3, HYT III and APO III should be pretty deadly. Would just need AE (maybe invest into MVAE for console?) for some VM and TB debuffs.

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