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02-18-2013, 12:13 PM
The tric 'bombing' was a strategy using a very difficult to position and deploy weapon. Only ships that did not bother to equip aoe attacks or repulsors died to them. The mines move at 1/6th impulse and trigger only @ 1km range.

Seriously how can anyone whine they died to such weapons? You can even OUTRUN them.

The REAL problem is the design of Kerrat where everyone spawns in one place. STUPID design by any stretch of the imagination.

PVE the tricobalts were not a threat to anything but mindless, non-shooting ships. You drop a mine cluster in an actively firing npc and its every-10-seconds AOE attack would shoot down all the mines guaranteed.

The only real reason the tricobalts were changed was so they could benefit the federation escorts. Now they can dump high damage mines in timers matching their guns and torpedoes. KDF ships are screwed of that ability since their only high speed & mobile ships use cloak...and dumping mines and using cloak does not go well unless it is a spike damage mine...which the trics no longer are.

Go fed dev bias! Ruining the game one patch at a time.

Season 9 might be a Federation civil war. No one else will be flying anything but fed escorts by then.