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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Honestly, that has to be one of the worst excuses I have ever heard of in my life.
They gimp a faction making a requirement to make a lvl 25 Federation char. to unlock it, then give it something like 10-20% of the content a Fed.player has, then make it's end-game content to reek of Fed. copy-paste elements, then ignore the bugs or put them on long hold and after all of that they say that they'll hold on releasing new KDF ships because they don't make money out of them.
Well, how the heck did they expect to make money out of them when they made the KDF playable to only hardcore Klingon fans, or people like me that happen to enjoy playing the underdog faction? I'm no expert, but in business you make a product that will attract the customers and then charge for it. You don't expect people to come and pay for a product you may make afterwards just because they like you.
Sometimes their logic is just *facepalm*

Now, OP, I agree with 95% of what you said, but I have a few comments:

I don't see the Bortasqu' as being gimped. It's different to use than most KDF ships, but it's a beast in disguise. I found that it refuses to die....ever.

Don't rush out a call on a Federation "broadsider" ship, since we have yet to find out if the Andorian one in the pic will have that ability. As far as we know, it may or may not.

Ground Vechiles? Please don't give them any more short-term ideas of how to make something for low efort - instazen as we'll never see proper content.

Homeworlds - I'd love to see more KDF social zones. Although Nausicaa is in Federation space and Ferasa in tha Alpha quadrant, I see no problem to have Gornar & Ter'jas Mor as social zones and homeworlds. Unfortunately, since they have yet to add Tellar Prime which is the homeworld of a founding species of the Federation, I suspect they'll endulge us over the Feds. with this. Although I wish for a change that they would.

I have been a KDF player since the release of the game.

I do agree that the Klingon faction does need serious help in content and I have been trying to get the developers to get the KDF up to speed or equal to the Federation side or at least balanced with ships and missions. I also realize it will take time to get the Klingon Faction up to speed with the Federation side; providing the developers are willing to put forth time to work on KDF Content.

I have also been instrumental in getting a lot of improvements done to the KDF side in the past. Some of you might remember a group called KDFA where different fleets and independent players joined once a week to discuss idea's for KDF content and discuss bugs that needed to be fixed.

If your just starting your KDF character now count your blessings that grinding now is a whole lot easier than when the game was first released. To be honest the KDF side was just a PVP faction with little or no content at all when the game was first released 3 years ago.

I also still feel that the Klingon Faction needs whole lot more work on content for the KDF player base. I understand your frustration with the lack of content. I know it all too well. But I am proud that Cryptic was willing to put in most of or the majority of the idea's that we submitted in the past into the game when the group KDFA was still in session. Now today present time the KDFA has been dissolved for quite sometime. But I am and my fleet is still keeping the fight for the Klingon Faction to improve.


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