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02-18-2013, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
I haven't bothered checking in a while, since it became a pointless exercise after the first 8 months.

But pretty much everytime I tried to edit the appearance of the Maruading exchange boff, a code error snapped this boff back to the appearance they had when I first acquired them.

Absolutely nothing (and I mean nothing!) can be edited.
Height, body shape, color, hairstyle, outfits, I tried it all!

And sometimes, I've seen abnormalities as well.

It's quite freaky to see a Trill transform into a clone of my Orion Tactical.

How long has this boff been available?
Since Marauding was added to the game?
I think that's long enough to expect a bugfix by now!
I wouldn't expect a UI bugfix until the character creator overhaul in May. Until then, you need to use the console to switch your uniform type to "Off Duty."