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02-18-2013, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
I do think Cryptic would serve the Foundry community better by adding a Tabs that allow the author to chose which Tab he'd like a piece of content to appear in, and there shpould be a tab that contains and sorts through just such 'reward focused' and another that just sorts through 'story focused' -- and let the potential player of the Foundry decide what he wants to play in his STO session.
This has been my thought since the "exploits" came out. I could give a Epohhs behind if they exist or not, regardless if I like them or not, but seperate them from the story content. Combat/Grind missions in one tab, Story based content on another. Too many story missions are getting buried far underneath the ocean of grinders.

Originally Posted by warbird View Post
So what is the point of the rest of us making missions? Because at the moment, I am not sure if the Foundry is nothing more then a promotion tool for future Cryptic mission developers? How can such a hopelessly biased system work?
As one being honored to be chosen as having a spotlight mission, I can assure you I will never be, nor have any desire to be a "future Cryptic mission developer" as you have asserted in your comments. I build my maps and write my stories for my enjoyment and the hope that it gives enjoyment to others. I would continue to do this even if my mission was never selected for a spotlight. It was an honor that Branflakes found my story and my use of the toolset worthy. So if you see the spotlight as a way to promote future Cryptic employees, you can exclude me from that list. I am perfectly happy in my chosen career.

Also, if the numbers I see are correct at 34 spotlighted missions, at 1 mission per week, less the weeks here and there where they did not run it, that would make roughly 50 spotlights within a years time. If only 3 authors were chosen twice, and with the KDF Foundry missions (of which there are far fewer) being in the mix, I don't see any brand of favoritism being involved. Heck, I only know five or six of the other spotlight authors personally through the game and from SBUGC aside from a forum post here and there. I would hardly call that a "clique" out of the number of spotlights. Some folks enjoy my style of mission, some do not, but I will continue regardless of the results as it is what I enjoy.

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