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02-18-2013, 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
I find it hilarious you guys think changing a game title will mean anything to a company that has stated very clearly the KDF is a non-factor because they are a small portion of the characters as per their metrics.

Better way? Delete your federation characters.

Their fed metrics drop.
Of may play time in STO around 10% is on the Fed. side anyway and I'm being generous in the estimate.

Originally Posted by sachang67 View Post
I have been a KDF player since the release of the game.

I do agree that the Klingon faction does need serious help in content and I have been trying to get the developers to get the KDF up to speed or equal to the Federation side or at least balanced with ships and missions. I also realize it will take time to get the Klingon Faction up to speed with the Federation side; providing the developers are willing to put forth time to work on KDF Content.

I have also been instrumental in getting a lot of improvements done to the KDF side in the past. Some of you might remember a group called KDFA where different fleets and independent players joined once a week to discuss idea's for KDF content and discuss bugs that needed to be fixed.

If your just starting your KDF character now count your blessings that grinding now is a whole lot easier than when the game was first released. To be honest the KDF side was just a PVP faction with little or no content at all when the game was first released 3 years ago.

I also still feel that the Klingon Faction needs whole lot more work on content for the KDF player base. I understand your frustration with the lack of content. I know it all too well. But I am proud that Cryptic was willing to put in most of or the majority of the idea's that we submitted in the past into the game when the group KDFA was still in session. Now today present time the KDFA has been dissolved for quite sometime. But I am and my fleet is still keeping the fight for the Klingon Faction to improve.


Sa'Chang ( Fleet leader of the House of Blood Dragon's )
I'm glad to hear this, the KDF needs more people like you!

Anyway, I'm leveling a KDF char. that has not gone through that story arc yet, but with the pace of leveling in STO it'll be soon enough.
I'll change the title on my other KDF for all the good that will do, because if Cryptic haven't realised themselves by now just how disenchanted the KDF are we're beyond help.