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This is FNN special reporter Gina Thomas reporting live from Starfleet base Praetorian on the Klingon border. It is a veritable hub of activity at the best of times, known on starcharts as Starbase 381 or to many that I've spoken to here, simply as 'home'. Today's activity levels would seem to make even orbital control around Earth seem like a trivial chore.Thousands of Starfleet personnel are preparing, some are saying, for one of the largest military deployments since the Dominion War.

A build up of ships and personnel this large simply cannot go unnoticed, but the question on everyone's mind seems to be 'what is the target'? What will their orders be? Many people are looking to the two, all-night sessions recently held by the Federation Council where an exasperated President tried in vain to gather a consensus on a military deployment to the Tau Dewa sector.

The Mol'Rihan government and Starfleet Command have come under increasing pressure to ensure the stability of the sector, and provide security for the thousands of Romulans who are flocking to the banner of a new homeworld. Working against them are a number of criminal elements and the interests of resident powers in Tau Dewa who, many suggest, have never truly been friends to the Romulan people.

Only one thing seems certain - the hours are counting down to a decision and orders that could impact the entire balance of power in the Beta Quadrant. Praetorian station, one way or another will be in the middle of any outcome, good or bad.

For FNN, this is Gina Thomas reporting live from Starbase 381.
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