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The latest attack by the Klingon Empire came with little warning and was met by a well prepared line of Starfleet defenses, anchored at Praetorian station. The assault spread across most of the front with the Klingon Empire and according to many was a probing attack, intended for the Klingons to keep tabs on Starfleet's deployment strength across a large sector of space.

Other sources including retired Starfleet Captain Stanley Foster suggested another possibility. "This is about sending a message, frankly. The Klingons see what the Federation is planning for the old Romulan territories, and they are telling us that they will move against us if we over step our reach." Foster told me from the bridge of the civilian transport he now operates. "They may have had other objectives... the need to feed a blood lust before their High Council, I'm not sure, but the message was clear."

The 26th Fleet continues to be at the vanguard of defensive operations along a pivotal corridor of the Beta Quadrant, and was a chief participant in protecting Federation assets and outposts during the assault. When asked for comment, Admiral Jennifer Hunter's office provided prepared statements praising the valor of her commanders and their crews, but providing little other detail. It is now understood that the normally forthcoming Admiral has been called before a Federation Council Committee along with her superior officer Admiral Jorel Quinn, the head of Starfleet.

When the Committee convenes in a few days, it is expected that the Admirals will be grilled over Starfleet's ability to police Romulan space per the pending debate that has recently garnered so much attention in front of the Federation Council. Hunter is known to oppose the Council's current sentiment, and favors further support of the Mol'Rihan government versus direct intervention. Admiral Quinn has thus far supported his subordinate, but both Admirals, deeply vested in Starfleet tradition, are expected to tow the line, regardless of how the Council votes on the Romulan issue.

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