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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
Actually, not. Face it: with all the talk about how the player and skill win we all see the videos and read discussions: those who need to win are spending either lot of time or lot of money (or both) on few pixels that give the a little more wagh in a free game.

You (read: OPvP players) can play totaly for free without any sort of investement (money and/or time). And if you are that good as you claim you are, you won't have anything to fear from those PUGers who would fly P2W ships. After all - skill matters.

Yet in the end, after all the moaning, cursing, calling OP on most new ships/consoles that come out we can all see you flying those ships and using those consoles. Why? Because you NEED to win at all price. You are that desperate to win. You are just like those guys who will spend thousands on lockbox ship just to do an ESTF a second faster.

It's your time and your money. But do not be suprised if people find it a little pathetic.
your kind of arrogant arn't you. Has it crossed your mind with the lockbox and lobi ships that maybe we like them for more than the awesome consoles or what have you? I love my Wells class and I love my Mobius, and not for any factor you can appreciate Id imagine. At the same time I also love my Excelscior. You can view things how ever you want, but I've been here for 3 years playing this game, and not once in that time have i heard such a pompus arrogant statement as yours. You enjoy your F2P but remember you wouldn't have F2P without what you call pathetic people that spend money for a few pixels. You owe everyone who ever bought a sub or an item of the C-Store.