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02-18-2013, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
Um, it's a Bridge Officer!
Do they get off duty costumes?

I've looked at the console code to try and understand what happens.
Most of what I see is error codes related to the costume options and body parts.

As far as I've been able to determine, it is linked to Off-Duty costume options though.
To explain, what you receive is technically a Starfleet Officer, but because they're not part of Starfleet, this boff doesn't have access to the Starfleet Uniforms.
And since they're not KDF either, likewise, they don't have these either.
So, technically, they're restricted to offduty costume parts.
And maybe costume unlocks (like the temporal jumpsuit), but I haven't verified that as of this post time.

There was a bug I encountered on the Starfleet side which prevented me from making an off-duty costume.
I think this was rectified when offduty and duty were merged sometime back.

From just observation, a variant of this bug is what is preventing me from editing the appearance of the Maruader Boff, since pretty much all their costume selection is offduty Starfleet!
Ugh, never mind, the console command has been disabled. Without that method, I don't believe there is any workaround for the Renegade BOFF issue. Glad I customized mine when I had the chance...

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