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Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
There should be some form of buffer that prevents opening too many boxes without rewards - say, if you opened a maximum of 200 boxes, you are automatically rewarded the ship.

I know a fleet-mate of mine who opened 301 boxes - the 301st box gave him the JHEC.
Hmmmm.. that would be interesting but would be harder to code I think (also chance for bug that people will get ship every X boxes)

So loot should be
Common - mining certs and Lobi
uncommon - DoFF/BoFF
rare - weapons, rare ships
super rare - ships (like carriers and escort carriers etc etc)

So lets say super rare is 1% (I don't know the number so I'm making it up)
each box you open increase the chance of super rare by 0.05% upto 50% (or whatever percentage cryptic wants) ONCE you get a ship, it drops back to 1%

This will increase people buying keys to unlock because the chance of getting ship increase for each box you open.
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