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02-18-2013, 01:04 PM
From experience doing these things, believe me they are not worth the effort - but if you do, lie through your teeth, fake up an email and facebook page (Hi I'm Jhonny fakename!) and use a fake telephone number (or get creative ..a friend used a takeaway that took his money and gave him entirely the wrong order and then tried to get him to pay the higher price that the wrong order was..not that I agree with that action)

Above all. make sure your virus check is up to date and all security measures are set high - Simple really, as is to realise just how much info you are giving before being made 'eligible' - too much, don't fill it in as they got the information they really want for free and as soon as you hit enter, they'll drop you

Beyond this, if your sense tells you its a scam, close it - and for heavens sake, do not download anything they offer!