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# 2 Apo I
02-18-2013, 02:13 PM
last I checked APO I gave +10% damage strength for 10 seconds

FAW III on the other hand Upgrades your next beam attack by 40% DPS improvement (5 attacks, each attack improved by ~12%) - but is only trainable by Captain.

If you're not flying an escort, I would think you're not a TAC captain, so you would need to find one to train in FAW III

If memory serves correctly, DBB are affected by CRF, so I would actually go with CRF II - which will improve all firing for the next 10 seconds, by about 40% and has a 30s cooldown.

Also - there is a 15 second CD started on each BO and FAW when one is activated. Therefore eliminating the use of a bridge officer slot for 15 seconds.