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02-18-2013, 01:16 PM
T oget the best possible damage out of beams you need high end equipment (ship, BOFF abilities , DOFFs, Weapons, consoles, ship equipment).
This can get veeeery expensive.
To get most out of your beams you have to choices. Spike damage or pressure damage.
Beam Overload II and III are very potent powers espeacialy if they crit. I did 50000 point hits.
However against targets with high defence values you have to imobilize them to get a good chance to hit the target. This is the weakness of Beam Overload - its only one shot , so you wont see alot of crits with it, and it can miss quite alot against speedtanking escorts or BoPs.
If it hits its devastating, as long as you can either restore weaponspower qikly enough to keep on doing respectable damage.
With Fire at Will II or III you can increase the rate of fire alot, especialy against single target that can do quite some damage especialy because you do more shots in the same time wich increases your chance to do hits and crits. this is what brings up dps. However against multiple targets it spreads out the damage, fine against low defendet weak targets like those on the gorn minefields, not very usefull against multiple songer opponents, but it also has defencive value. Against a singe target it is usefull but against carriers or multiple strong oponents it tends to get you into trouble more than anything else.

Compared with cannons combined with rapid fire or scatterfire, beams, no matter what power are weak.
Imho a little less energy drain and natural accuracy bons would help beams alot. And maybe a boff ability along the lines of Fire at will but made for single targets.

And on a estetical side note, please make Dual Beam arrays use the same hadpoints as normal beam arrays. This would be benificial for two reasons. First it would look right, and second we could get rid of those red pimples on the ships, especialy on the older models.
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