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02-18-2013, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
FYI the only ship the KDF has received in the past 2 years was the Hoh'sus bird of prey. All others have been copy/paste versions of ships made for federation and slapped onto a different ship model for the KDF ...with minor tweakages.

Fleet ships do not count as 'new' because its again a mere copy/paste with minor tweaks. I'm talking NEW ship designs. In the likes of the armitage, the vesta, the yellowstone, etc. The Hoh'sus was really the only new ship made for the KDF that provided *some* small break-away from the standard ship design (we gots escort with 4 tac consoles! OMG!).

Now the federation is receiving another freaking overpowered escort with unique design (broadside) and the kdf gets... more empty promises.

It would be really nice of the devs if they could hold off on their federation bias and at least have the balls to make a unique KDF ship and release it alongside the Fed unique ship WITHOUT THEM BEING COPIES OF EACH OTHER.

... mmmm you forgot that they now have our best consoles!!! and we have the worst of them
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