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Hello again people, i think it is time to bring this ship into the game, NOT as a T4 or T5 ship, my proposition is to include it as a "vanity" ship in the same way as the TOS Constitution, lets say, you have the C-Store TOS Connie, and then in the next rank, just "before" or "short" of the Cheyenne you could have the C-Store Constellation. As i understand, the ship is post TMP/STIII and pre TNG era, maybe even pre Ambassador era inclusive?, so i think it should not be a very powerful ship, should not contain special consoles or stuff like that, only the appropriate BOFF stations and console slots.
I hope you like this idea and that many of you can support it, so we can get this ship in the game! .

This is the Constellation class:
The Constellation was under going shakedown during 2391, you can see that info on the board for operation Return in Undiscovered Country.