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02-18-2013, 01:36 PM
Yeah I'm looking at his Weapons Calculator program now.

at 9.9km at 125 power the arrays do 215 dps (no consoles factored or boff skills)
The big cannons
do 176 dps. (3 single beam arrays vs 3 DHCs)

Something seems heinously off there though. I"m using version 4 of the program. I'm not sure off hand if there's a new one available or not.

When we add in rear weapons, and factor the beams broadside dps vs the forward dps of DHCs things get more interesting. (again no consoles, or skills just weapon power)

226 DHC
vs 335 for 6 beams broadside.

When we disable Relative DPS the gap widens even further
474 forward for the 3 DHCs 3 turrents
703 dps broadside for 6 arrays.

With 3 consoles
581 DHCs and 3 turrets
862, 6 beams.

According to the program, DHCs and Turrets do not surpass the 6 beam arrays combined dps until ranges of 6km or closer.

Now if we want to get real interesting. at full tilt at point blank range there is a 1800 DPS difference at point blank range between the DHCs and Turrets and 8 arrays That's with CRF2 + APO3 + APA3.

Interestingly enough, that gap at least for 1 second is completely covered by one shot of BO2, who's average burst is 2079. This is is all taking into account average Defense, and Damage resistance.
This is of course not a program taking into account the azn rep farming, nor the current skill tree either. (though the #s come up about the same... though APO3 is now what APO1 used to be )

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