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02-18-2013, 01:38 PM
The problem I see with that, is the holodeck does not show it's area, only a dot on the map, knowing where to place objects, would be purely guess work,,, place an object, play map, look at it, too far?, too close?, return to editor, move the object, play map again, check object, and repeat til satisfied of the placement of each and every object placed,,,, far to time consuming, could take up to 5 hours just to create 1 map, place object, play map, check, return, place, play map, check, return, repeat for every placed object.

IMO, the foundry editor is what I call a WYSIWYG editor, what's needed is an 'on-the-fly' editor, a 3D representation of the map, so that objects can be placed and moved around and can be seen how they would look when the mission is actually played.

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