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02-18-2013, 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by brianbenzinger View Post
As intriguing as this looks, I'm not spending another cent on this game until the fleet mark mess is sorted. Sorry Cryptic, you lost my money. Perhaps try responding to the 200 page thread of outrage instead of posting about a new shiny.

LOL. You see so much of this it's just funny. What's even more funny, is that people have been saying the same thing for years in public - but evidently get their credit cards out in private as the game is making more money than it ever has.

Removing fleet marks from IOR was always planned to happen, and it *should* have happened. Just doff, you get way more fleet marks from doffing than you could from the IOR anyway....

I've got over 5k fleet marks sitting surplus and wasted because our fleet trained our members how to doff - and we're all swimming in marks, our progress is gated exclusively by dilithium, as is pretty much everyone's progress.

DILITHIUM is the problem, not fleet marks. Why can nobody see this?