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02-18-2013, 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by martok16 View Post
far to time consuming, could take up to 5 hours just to create 1 map, place object, play map, check, return, place, play map, check, return, repeat for every placed object.
Yep. Making content with this tool takes a tremendous amount of time. And here's the kicker; this is just a "hardened" version of Cryptic's own tools. It's not all that much different from what they use internally; they can just edit some things directly that we have to do through a GUI. Or that's my understanding, anyway; I'd love to hear a dev confirm/deny that.

I spent over 40 hours on Franklin Drake Must Die before I considered it "done" enough for me to proceed with the next installment in the story. It's barely long enough for the old Daily standards.