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So the short story is that I have been reading and researching for days trying to make a viable end game character and am overloaded with opinion but no fact or clear path. My main is a Sci and I bought an Atrox. It turns like a oil tanker. The Eng console for faster turning lets it turn like a submarine. I loaded up all turrets so I could fire no matter where my oil tanker might be facing but it kills my dps. The fighters seem to do less than stellar damage. I thought about saving up for a bunch of cutting beams since they drop 300dps base but I know that consoles will not increase thier damage so maybe no such a good investment. I also leveld up an Eng thinking that might be a better class (ground combat for sure), but my Eng gets pwnd more than my sci.

I am flexible. I can take criticism. I have tons of MMO exp. I have intelligence. I can afford zen. But our fleet is just getting started; we only just hit T1. What I don't have is a clear cut method for being productive in STFs so as to not drag down my fellow players (fleet friends or otherwise).

I keep reading that despite best efforts for equal capabilities, DPS trumps all else. Do I kick my eng and sci and roll up a tac? It is bad to fly a sci/eng in an escort? Can someone tell me which ship really is the "best"? I know people say its all style, but I need some direction. MVAE and tetryons? Atrox with cutting lasers? Dreadnaught (did they add in saucer sep yet) with cannons, spinal and some consoles for turn speed? Chimera with its Lotus and lots of phasers? Pay someone to let me build a fleet ship?

In short, I am getting frustrated and my brain is melting. I am fearful of spending real money on ships that suck (my Atrox is a little disappointing) or wasting time getting Omega marks for my sci captain if I need to roll a tacital captain. Time efficiency is important (wife and kid) so I need a very specific, direct path.

Thank you so much everyone!

PS: I am not posting my stats or loadout on purpose. Because they undoubtedly suck.