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02-18-2013, 02:48 PM
Really I'm not even that curious for your guys sake. I take it as gospel that you guys actually know more stuff than you can accurately put into words and that you never really actually do anything um....slow?

How's THAT for a left handed compliment?

I was really asking about that as it gets REALLY fierce over in PVE land. Some guy gets ahold of one piece of info, namely that DHC's suffer a much greater percentage loss vs Beams do over any given range. And that's true. Just DHC's start so much HIGHER. So you have guys running about saying DHC's are ineffective at ranges over 5k, and that's patently not true. Again I'm talking PVE land here. I'm not advocating 9k Cannon Alphas. Just when you need info, you come to PVP land to get it.

That is a very nice calculator.

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