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02-18-2013, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by kirkryder View Post
My point has still been ignored. A game made in 1999 is still getting support from its own producing team, so it will still run on the latest systems. Not even just Windows, Mac and Linux.

However have you all had that nice NEW SHINY BUG yet?

Its great, its the one that gives all your ships powers a 2 minute cool down! No serious and it does not just happen in STFS it also happens in PVPS also.

Another new bug that will never get fixed correctly. Or it will get fixed and something else will get broken, when they fix it.

The thing is EGOSOFT 1 : CRAPTIC 0
So what if they still support a game from 1999? What's that got to do with a new bug appearing in STO? You think Egosoft's updates never introduce bugs? They do. You think Egosoft fixes every single bug they introduce? They don't. In fact, the X3 games (the first of which was released 8 years ago) have bugs that are apparently unfixable and so will never be resolved (which is one reason they are building a whole new engine for X-Rebirth).

If you can reliably recreate this bug, then stop raging and provide Cryptic with step by step instructions on how to do it so they can nail it down quickly. If you can't, then they probably couldn't either, which makes it the kind of random and unpredictable thing that can show up in any game made by any company; and you'll just have to wait while they find and fix it the hard way. Do so with patience; stress is bad for you.
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