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# 2 Toon Builds
02-18-2013, 02:04 PM
OK so I run a TAC, and an ENG in a TAC ship build, however I also have a fleetmate that won't touch TAC with a ten foot pole and is great in STFs with a Sci or an Eng.

so what I know of the Atrox is Make use of your pets, use the targeting subsystems ability on the cubes, but is useless on like generators, gateways, etc.

Beams are your best weapon, of any energy type you like. Limited turn rate lends to broadside attacks. Throw a tac team and beam overload in your TAC slots, depending on what you choose for eng and sci abilities.

Reminder, only one Borg Cutting Beam can be put on a ship at a time, so no need to buy more than one.

Spec your captain into sci abilities that drain shields, repulse isn't bad either especially in STFs. Let the TACs use their DPS to blow the ships to pieces, but use your SCI abilities to give them the extra time (repulsars), or drop the tragets shields to open up the hull.

The Atrox carrier is sexy, yes, but also a viable option to fly in STFs, if you know what you're doing.