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02-18-2013, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
at extreme range, it still seems like DHCs deal more damage then beams would at that same range. even though the % is lower, its still seems like its actually more

this opinion formed by having chased down tones of people with each type of weapon
This can get tricky w/cannons. For example say that someone TB'd a target under 5km launched a volley, the target then APOs and evasives before the traget is hit by the fire. The target eventually slows and is hit ~9km away, in theory it should be based on the under 5km distance. The travel time is a factor w/DCHs in terms of spreading out the incoming damage, but I don't think it reduces the amount of the damage based on the damage I get 20+km away after I slow down and it gets applied.

To the OP, imo this should be reproducable.

The best way is to have a stationary shooter and a stationary target. 1 cannon vs 1 beam both @ 125 power w/same captain at a shieldless target w/tetryon (so the proc doesn't matter) @ various distances. 1 volley each repeat as many times as desired keeping track of the hits.

While, Acc matters in this case keep out and compare 1 volley (not shot) to another. But, keep track of what shot in the volley hit. For example, for a DBB if 1st shot hits and the last 3 miss it could be misleading b/c of power drain to assume the result would be 4x that value if you want power usage data. Then add more cannons/turrets and more beams to see what power drain issues there are if desired.

Also, shouldn't a volley of DBB be compared to DHCs/DCs and BA to Single Cannons? It seems comparing the high end Cannon type to BAs isn't apples to apples.