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02-18-2013, 02:40 PM
Originally Posted by dixa1 View Post

from my parsing over a couple of days, fer'jei frigates average 1.7k dps on their own. b'rotlh average 3.9k. this alone is more than equal to another ewapon slot and two tac consoles assuming you aren't without all 4 for an extended period. of all of the carrier pets, only the b'rotlh will solo a borg cube on elite with no help from you needed and kill it quickly.

This is the impression i got from when trying Fer'jais and why I went back to voquv, it just did so much more dps with the pets. have you tried comparing other pets to the Ferjai also like advanced skuls or advanced to'duj?

I'm trying to find a better dps option for my Karfi without having to use elite scorpions too, not sure if there is one.