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Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
Except that their handling of the FM situation is in direct conflict of many peoples' desire to purchase a ship like this. Until a resolution is reached, many people, such as myself and others will not be buying another ship.

Also, seriously? Releasing the Andorian ship just days after the FM strike down in the Foundry? It's like you guys knew you were going to take serious heat for it and decided "We'll release this ship they've been clamoring for to shut them up" so it can be swept under the rug and forgotten about.

Oh and the ship looks nice, too bad it couldn't be what it was supposed to be. Battlecruisers don't fly circles around other ships and use pew pew cannons. The original from Enterprise was over 300 meters long, had some of the first deflector shields, and used 5 energy beam weapons. I thought this would be followed, should have known better.
Well, it shouldn't Things you want and things you don't want happening shouldn't be connected, as it's pointless conflict

And see my post on the 6th page: we can't just assume that 'a new shiny a few days after the FM removal means they're intentionally trying to distract us', in a nutshell

Also, the 'original' was used as a battlecruiser. Now hundreds of years later, even with the same general design but new parts, obviously some things wouldn't be the same
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