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02-18-2013, 04:51 PM
This is how the Enterprise A should look

Enterprise D leaving space dock.

BTW this is in game graphics, I know because I have the basic test version of this. Notice how all the ships are the right sizes. And not just the same size.

Notice how the ships fly, like a ships should in space.

More then this, no bouncing off rocks you hit a rock in space you will get damage. You crash into another ship you will lose systems and possibly a warp core breach.

This is what we should be saving our money for. This is worth paying for, these guys who are doing this, need a real pat on the back, as they are just fans like you and I.

I will try and get a release date soon, however I know this is coming out in 2013.

Now what are you going to play?

Above is a picture showing my Alpha version of the test download. You can see the shields taking a hit from the warbird. The detail is fantastic. The ship flies so true to the films, it really is so good, also look at the defiant, its the right size. All ships are not the same size, you can see the defiant is much smaller.
I hope you all join me and get involved with these guys, support them and keep on at them to release this soon. Then we can all be happy Trek fans and have a game without bugs
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