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# 6 The real kicker is...
02-18-2013, 04:05 PM
What do you want to do wiht this?

Do you want ot have nice big numbers flashing?
Do you want to take massive amounts of damage?
Do you want to make ppl throw things at the screen?

That is the key.

Form the get go you went atrox, (interesting concept) agian you can mount DCH but you really have to base the build around those cannons.

Sci/scorts, can do well, but Ive never outpaced an actully tact/tact before in terms of dps.

Dps does trump, its a design flaw in alot of games.
Now I would say , why not hucker down and get, stuff like:

Atrox 5km sphere attaks:

Pet; purple runabouts
weapons...phasers or phasred polarn beams (accx2 or acc/crth)
lt tact:
FAW2 or BO
LCT Eng:
EMPtW 1 and EmPtS 2
DEM2 (or your prenfece)
LCT sci:
TB1, TsS2, CPB2
Commander sci:
TB1, HE2, TTS3, GW3
(you could double up on TTS3, and spawm EMptW 1 and 2)

As you can see its not strightforawd dps, but it would alow you to do some aoe damage, while being able to prove extra support with the shield removale.)

this is the main issue with most science builds, many play mutlti-alts, and most will go tact, cause its pretty much push 3-4 buttions im done, sci, is more like chianing attacks, you do 1,4,3, then 5, for prefered effect.