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02-18-2013, 04:37 PM
Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
This is partially true. That said we're three years on, it would not hurt us to get some new ones. There's one animation, it kind of looks like they're kneading bread, but it's used SO much in cut scenes it drives me mad. The DS9 feature episode was epic, the cut scenes were occasionally embarrasing.
I just don't understand why they keep having people do broad gestures in cutscenes when other games focus on good "stance" and lips animations and don't bother with all the body language.

The DS9 episodes would have been better if everyone just stood still in the cutscenes.

Whenever I see the broad body language animations, it makes me think that a fairly routine design discussion session at Cryptic must look like an interpretive dance class.

Zero: How is the...

*crosses arms*

Zero: ... polycount budget...

*flings fists out at her sides, stomps her foot*

Zero: ... on the new cruiser...

*pounds her fist into her hand*

Zero: ... coming along, Jamjamz?

*gestures as though mixing a drink*

Jamjamz: Sorry, Zero...

*does tai chi*

Jamjamz: ... I'll have it tomorrow.

*leans as though leaning on desk. his hands hover over the desk*

Tacoboy: FIRE ALARM, EVERYBODY! I don't think this is a drill!

*does the Macarena*