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*Caspian IV orbit. The R.S.S. Matthew Neilson watches as transports begin to take off.

R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, Bridge. Matt is speaking with Soval and Administrator S'lak on the viewscreen.*

Matt: Administrator, Ambassador, you need to speed up the evacuation. If your people are still on the planet when Preston's forces arrive--

S'lak: What logic suggests is that he would demand our surrender and leave when we give it.

Matt: Preston is not a logical man. He wants to see the rebellion destroyed by any means necessary. He wants to prevent other worlds falling out of line. I doubt he would think twice about making an example of you.

Soval: I agree with the Captain, S'lak. Even if we are spared, Preston will not let our resistance go unpunished. Logically, evacuation is our only option.

S'lak: We've only obtained a 70% complete evacuation so far.

Matt: Then you need to work faster. I sent the Republic to DS61 to meet with the Federation fleet. I can warn you, but I can't fight a war for you.

S'lak: We will endeavour to achieve a full evacuation in time, Captain.

Soval: Administrator, may I speak with the Captain alone?

S'lak: Of course.

*S'lak walks off the viewscreen. Soval's demeanour changes to a grave one.*

Soval: What happened?

Matt: Sam was captured. There was nothing we could do.

Soval: I understand.

*Soval clutches his heart in pain as he stumbles, before grabbing his wooden staff and using it to catch himself.*

Matt: Ambassador?

Soval: My T'lak's Syndrome. I will endure, I just...

*He slumps down, murmuring coming from below the viewscreen.*

Matt: Ambassador Soval!

Transporter Room, medical emergency! Beam Ambassador Soval directly to Sickbay! NOW!

Transporter Chief *Over comm*: Aye sir!

*A few seconds later.*

We have him. He's in Sickbay.

John: Captain! The Imperial Fleet's almost here!

Matt: Dammit!

Hail the Administrator! Cut visual transmission!

*The viewscreen goes blank.*

S'lak *Over comm*: Captain, we are aware of the situation. We have beamed the last of our people onto bulk freighters to expedite the evacuation. We are launching now.

Matt: Understood. We're going to open a Transwarp Corridor to Deep Space 61. Get through it and go.

*After a few minutes, the freighters are through the conduit and it seals before the Neilson can get through due to a coil burnout.*

Helm, engage Fold-Drive!

Helm: Aye sir!

John: Imperial forces entering weapons range!

Matt: Ensign, any time you're ready! Preferably NOW!

Helm: One moment! I'm trying to bypass the subspace jammers. If I don't get it right, the Fold-Space rift could collapse and take half the ship with it!

*The bridge rumbles.*

Matt: Don't tell me, let me guess...!

Ensign, I don't mind painting over a scratch! Engage!

Helm: Hold on! And... GOT IT!

*The Neilson fold-jumps clear of the Imperial Fleet and to Deep Space 61, just as the Vulcan Freighters emerge from the Transwarp Gateway.*

Matt: Phew...

Ensign... *he places a hand on the young man's shoulder* nice job.

Helm: Sir.

Permission to return to my quarters?

Matt: Granted.

*The Ensign walks off the bridge and a member of the Backup crew takes his place. Matt sits down in his Captain's chair. His XO turns to him.*

XO: You should get some rest too sir. You're gonna need it.

Matt: I'm fine.

XO: You've been up for 36 hours straight. Get. Some. Rest. That's an order.

Matt: You can't order me to--

XO: Maybe not, but I can order you to Sickbay, and you know what Doctor Frost will order you to do subsequently.

Matt: *Sighs* Alright.

*He stands up.*

The bridge is yours, Will.

*He walks into the Turbolift.*

Deck 5.

*A few minutes later, he walks into Sickbay and strolls over to Doctor Frost, who's standing by Soval's bedside.*

How is he, Doc?

Frost: He'll be fine. It's T'lak's syndrome. His Motor Functions have been slowly deteriorating for the past 20 years.

Matt: Can anything be done?

Frost: I can reverse some of the damage. This attack was brought on by a cardiac event, but I can fix that no problem.

In the final analysis though, all I can do is buy him time. I can repair the Motor neurones a little, slow down the damage for a few months, but there isn't a cure for this. In about 6-7 years, he'll lose motor function in his legs. 10 years after that, he'll lose his hands - maybe his arms...

No matter what, in 40 years he'll by paralysed. Unless a cure is found before then, or we can extend his time beyond that, there's nothing we can do except make him comfortable.

Matt: It's strange isn't it? T'lak's only affects 1 in every 50 million - sometimes even less than that - and the people that the universe chooses to give it to includes one of the most integral men I have ever known.

Frost: I didn't know you knew the Ambassador?

Matt: He was the Godfather for Sam's Grandfather. Her Great-Grandfather was a very integral part of her life, but Soval took a role in it too. Up until Sam was 8, I'm told Soval and his wife were very involved in her life.

Frost: What happened?

Matt: This was 2510, on Khitomer.

Frost: The bombing.

Matt: The Ambassador's Son's family was at the Republic Embassy when the Orion "Darman" Extremists blew it up as part of their terror campaign. Soval and T'las left the previous week for Vulcan. They never came back.

Sam's family adopted T'mar. The two grew up together. They're practically sisters.

Frost: I still don't see how you know him, sir.

Matt: I was at a conference on Vulcan about a year after I was posted to the Republic. The Ambassador was holding a symposium on the 'Followers of T'kar'.

Frost: I've heard of them. They're a group of Vulcans who believe it's possible to surpress some of their emotional level without purging it all.

Matt: The group's been around since the 2400s, but recently it's become more popular. Soval is a priest teaching scholars and monks about the ways of Surak, but he also teaches some of the ideals of the group. He's not a member, but he has an interest in them.

Frost: That's right - 'Harmony of Logic and Emotion'. I read it at the Academy. He got a lot of backlash for it.

Matt: What do you expect? The Vulcan's have been spending the last 1000 years purging themselves of emotion to attain perfect logic. The T'karrans were proposing what some Vulcans felt was a Social evolutionary step in the 'wrong direction'.

Soval: Such is the way on all planets.

*Soval rises slowly. Frost tries to ease him back into bed.*

Frost: You should rest. You've had an attack--

Soval: Just provide me with the customary treatment. I shall endure.

Frost: You Vulcans are a stubborn lot, you know that?

Soval: So I have been told.

*Frost takes a hypospray and injects it into the back of Soval's neck.*

Frost: There..., but I want you back here for a follow-up examination first thing tomorrow. I'll also want to run a cardiovascular evaluation.

Soval: As you wish.

*Soval stands, holding himself up on the bed.*

Captain, if you would be so kind, I should like to retire.

Matt: Of course, Ambassador. Doctor, if you're not busy I'd appreciate you taking the Ambassador to his quarters.

Frost: It would be my pleasure.

*Frost hands Soval his staff and helps him out of Sickbay. Matt then goes to his quarters and tries to sleep.

Preston's Command ship, Detention level. Sam is standing behind a forcefield guarding her cell.*

Sam: You know, *she looks at the security officer* I'm fairly sure I have the right to a trial. No, no, more immediately, I'd appreciate just having the right to talk to someone.

*The guard looks at her.*

Someone who actually cares what I have to say.

Guard: I'm sorry, I'm not paid for chit-chat.

Sam: You're not paid, period.

Guard: You see my dilemma.

Sam: You really shouldn't slouch, it's not good for you. Your father and I have been trying to tell you this but you just won't--

Guard: Great Maker! 6 hours! 6 HOURS you've been in there, and you still continue to speak! Don't you EVER shut up?!

Sam: Yes, I just choose not to when I'm being held against my wi--

Guard: FINE!

Detention to Bridge! Lord Preston, I apologise for the interruption, but the prisoner is asking to speak to you. I'm afraid she's insisting.

*Preston in his quarters*

Preston: *sigh* Very well inform Gyunei and Kela to meet me at the detention level.

D'rix: You really should make an example of her.

Preston: I am no monster. The perception they have of me is someone that is different from them and I am a bit disappointed by that. I am not a illogical man completely just a man tired of all of the things driving the galaxy apart. If I have to commit evil to do so I will but only so far. Making an example of Allington is not one of them. I admire her tenacity.

*An hour later Preston arrives with Gyunei and Kela.*

Preston: Warrant Officer you may go. Has she been fed?

*The Warrant officer shakes his head..*

Preston: *shakes his head and facepalms* Go.. you are also reprimanded..

Gyunei go replicate some food for our guest here.

*Gyunei does so dutifully and brings a tray of food over and places it in the cell through the slot*

Preston: I do apologize for that.. You know annoying people won't get you anywhere.. As for Soval and his people I have no intent to make an example of them. I intended to leave them be if they submitted. I am not the monster you people think of me as.