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02-18-2013, 05:08 PM
Originally Posted by bpharma View Post
Actually this only seems like its a problem to large fleets. In my small fleet there's no need for 7 ranks let alone more and I dare say in most medium sized (25-100) fleets there's no need either. Maybe they can bring more ranks in when they give smaller fleets a helping hand =)
Actually it probably doesn't matter to small fleets or medium fleets OR large fleets. Its how those fleets are structured. We are highly structured as we are a "working fleet".
  1. Fleet Leader
  2. Veteran - Members who donated their time (Reward Slot)
  3. Career Officer - Members who oversee a specific area of our fleet
  4. Senior Officer - Usually someone in command of a squad
  5. Junior Officer - Squad Members
  6. Crew - Casual players and alts
  7. Recruit - Probationary rank for all new members

So as you see I am at my max for what I want to do. We are a not a small fleet and we are not a medium fleet. We are somewhere in the middle. We are highly structured so additional ranks would help out considerably. Also, please read what Dan Stahl has said about "fleets" in general in their latest "Ask Cryptic".

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