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02-18-2013, 05:11 PM
I'm glad they did the latest ship the Kamarag. Other than adding the Breen ship to my KDF. So in a way I'm giving some ships to my KDF that isn't offered in C store. With my Fed being all Fed type ships. The Andorian will give him a different ship. I'm kinda trying to keep a trend going. Andorian is more Fed, while the Breen is more KDF. With the Jem'Hadar released I can see that for my KDF. To go with my theme I'm creating with my Captains.

I been playing for nearly a year now, and saw they don't give KDF ships or good content. So in turn I gotten used to it. I still play KDF each week so its not sitting on the shelf due to my Fed I also play. So I try to balance them out. And try to balance out the ships as well.

I'm still waiting to see the K'Vort come to the game. To see how that one will play out. Since its a big BOP and considered a Battlecruiser. So it will be interesting to see how STO will do with it.

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