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I guess the only missions that can be created are simple space/ground combat with dialog stories, using the default maps, how other people have done stuff like creating a green looking holodeck with just a console in the middle, and when activated, the console fades out, and all the objects fade in without waiting to load maps, these people must have access to assets that other people don't.

I've watched the foundry tutorials on the sto wiki, but they relate to foundry v0.5, but the current version is 0.8, so, which means assets that were available then, are not available now.

Soo, basically, using the provided maps, and default assets, I've come to the conclusion that the only missions that can be made are those of space/ground combat with a storyline, such as the one I made called "Stop Klingon Invasion", it has a basic storyline, but lots of space and ground combat, and that's about all that can be made using what's available.

I hear about all these "work-a-rounds" but no-one wants to give it up an how they do it.

I've looked everywhere on the net and nothing.

What's needed is to actually see the map in a 3D virtual world and using mouse drag and drop, just place, size, and rotate the objects so that they can be seen exactly as they are placed, instead if just guessing how far up/down, left/right, and playing the map each time an object is moved or rotated. EG, one of the Klingon table consoles show the icon on the map with an arrow, supposedly, that arrow represents looking forward, but in fact, for the console, it's pointing to the back of the console.

By using a Virtual world system much as you would see ESD, or a ground mission, then dragging and dropping and object, then allows one to see exactly where it's located and not guess if it's in a wall or if the object is the right way round or not.

Imagine this, loading up the ESD map, enter the map as you would normally, but ESD would be completely empty of npc's, a sidebar would show selections in categories of what object or npc you want to place, then just drag it from the bar to the 3D world, then it can be moved on it's x,y,z axis, and rotated, then you would see precisely where it would be and what it would look like, then when satisfied of all object/npc placement, one can return to the story creation.

To get an idea of what I mean, have a look at the user created 3D world of "Secondlife", objects can be moved around by just grabbing the object(s) and dragging them around the virtual world.
These are two separate ideas - which one is your main point?

For the first idea, it's all a clever process of setting objects to become non-visible when a mission objective or object is completed. I suggest playing around with the options of "Visible" and "Nonvisible" in a sandbox map, and getting familiar with how it works.

For the second idea, good luck trying to push that. The Devs, when it comes to the Foundry, don't really change much other than adding new assets or fixing editor glitches. I proposed an idea way back in this forum, to have grouping and layering of objects within the Foundry editor - as with most suggestions, it was probably ignored. Which is a shame, it is a great idea.

Not to pop your bubble, but you will find a lot of great ideas will go unnoticed or ignored by the game's developers.

Originally Posted by markhawkman
Seriously martok, if you think placing a few props is time consuming, try building the entire set from scratch.... Oy... now THAT is tedious.
Oh boy! You should have seen me work on the Enterprise-D interiors in one of my Alpha missions. Took me two months to get everything to look right. TWO MONTHS! ON ONE MAP!

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