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02-18-2013, 05:22 PM
I never did all those Tortorial missions so I never noticed all the chafing going on with the Gorn and Leathans.

It seems like the Orions are the most loyal members of the Empire aside from Klingons, but then again the Orions are the only ones to join voluntarily (Letheans haven't joined yet). Plus Orions like topping from the bottom, fainting subservance to get what they want. Its a very BDSM type culture, minus the respecting boundaries you find in BDSM.

I do find it curious that the Klingons have a very causious relationship with the Letheans over the Lethean's telepathic abilities, yet they're actively wooing the Ferasans who have many telepaths in thier race.

Maybe its more the attack, offensive quality to the Letheans telepathic powers, like Rapture, that Klingons distrust, while Ferasan telepaths seem to have more in common with Betaziods, with less empathy.