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Originally Posted by helixsunbringer View Post
I am interested in possibly making a Vesta based on this build. But my only question is this: Why are you using Turrets in your aft weapon slots instead of Mines or some other Projectile Weapon? I assume that you know Turrets require Weapon Systems Power and not Auxiliary Systems Power while your Dual Heavy Cannons of choice require Auxiliary Systems Power.

I would assume you would be using Mines or another Projectile that slows, or incapacitates your opponents or does significant amounts of damage so as to prevent them from running away from your cannons. I would also assume you would want to utilize Bridge Officer Powers that assist in disabling your opponent (While also using your Auxiliary Systems Power to power themselves) so that you can enable your Cannons to come to bear far more frequently.
You still have *some* weapon power no matter what you do, and the turrets run off that. They may not give as good of performance as they'd if you had full power to weapons, but they're the only weapons besides the Kinetic Cutting Beam that can be put in the aft weapon spots and shoot forward. If you can get 50 power to them via skills and/or gear they do thier rated damage.

In STFs, it's fairly trivial to get the Borg in your forward arc and just pound on them with the Dual cannons. With mines you have to get fairly close, which makes you at risk for a taking a HY torp that you otherwise might have avoided. With torps aft, you have to spin or do passing runs, limiting the damage your forward arc weapons are doing, particularly the 45 degree dual cannons.

As for lockdown, it can be a handy optional saver to have them, but you shouldn't need too many. I run only Gravity Well 3 as a BOff power for damage/holds, and then the Rademaker console for emergencies (like for a generator popped way early in Infected). The bigger stuff like cubes pretty much ignore whatever you throw at them disable/hold wise unless you run them out of subsystem power completely. I also have Advanced Danubes, and their tractors sometimes help with slowing enemies down, but only one at a time.