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Originally Posted by logicalspock View Post
To be honest, I don't see a lot of advantages of having an engineer on a science ship, but if you do choose to go that route, you might want to try one of the more cruiser-like ships such as the D'kora or Nebula. They can benefit from your engineer hull healing abilities.

My general rule of thumb is to fly your character:

A) In a ship geared toward your class, because then you get synergy between the skillpoints you spend and your BOFF and Captain abilities.

B) In an escort, since this game has basically released an expansion edition called: Escorts Online
I've found the above to be true. I've tried every combo and Sci only really works with a Sci or Tac (yay damage boosts on everything no matter what) captain. Eng doesn't bring much to the Sci ship except for some hull healing that your shield buffs should keep from being needed anyway.

And with the subnuke nerf Sci exists solely as an "Imma Gonna Playa Gimp" challenge now.
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