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02-18-2013, 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The following changes have now been checked in, and (provided QA gives the OK) should appear on Tribble soon:

- Lunge and Pounce now share a 6.0sec Category cooldown.

- Activating Tactical Initiative (Ground) will no longer allow the Ophidian Cane to be infinitely recast without a cooldown.

- Dampening Field now reduces Environmental Damage (Cold, Fire, Radiation, etc) in addition to Energy Damage.

- Weapons Malfunction no longer removes the Damage Immunity effect of the Stasis Pistol's secondary attack.
I do have a question... That can relate to ground pvp is the Jem Hadar XII set from the lobi store working as intended? I just get the feeling it is going to get nerfed on how well its working with the non-borg related ground combat.

The other issue is with the liberated borg from the perk of having the LTS. One typo thing I've noticed is that the KDF side it says Traits from the Liberated Borg Human Trait Pool. I know they are the same on both sides but one thing that might go some ways is redoing one of the required traits that automatically comes with it is adding some of the traits abilities that a human or klingon have so it doesn't feel like you are no longer Human or no longer a warrior LOL. Especially with the Klingon ones they feel weaker than playing a run of the mill Klingon which I feel shouldn't be the case when it comes to playing them but to the point that they are not a pay to win/over powering issue.

The only other gripe I have with ground combat is that the way swords work needs to be less robotic and whenever the schedule is going to permit for programming time a possible revamp on how the melee combinations work and such/would be interesting to be able to have the stf kdf weapons work kind of like the 1000 day veteran ships work where they have moving parts so the shotgun or battle rifle can change into an actual full fledged melee weapon and maybe the feds could get theres to turn into a food replicator or something just for balance purposes .