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Originally Posted by vegeta50024 View Post
I read through everything, and I was planning on overhauling the lounge portion to include the player, and possibly make the discussion more involved for a player. Captain Travis and Admiral Toren are two of my characters from an Star Trek RPG club that I belong to, while the other two are characters that I got permission to use from the people who own them.

I'll be doing the background to part two as soon as I have the changes to this one finished. I also have an unrelated mission coming up that is a conversion from the one I'm doing on my rpg club as a gamemaster (our term for the campaigns we do there, similar to a DM in D&D). That one though won't be live until the campaign ends, to avoid spoilers from my friends on there who play STO.

And just to let you know, I like being able to play the game. I'm not really bothered by these glitches being hyped up by the people in that 185 page thread in the News section of the forums.
Glad I could help. That is my goal in providing constructive feedback on missions.

I try not to read the news forums here...

Thanks for authoring,
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