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02-18-2013, 08:20 PM
Originally Posted by commodoreshrvk View Post
It is actually not one, but seems to be when I am switching about characters. Some load in faster than others and I noticed ones I was most recently on load in the slowest. The worst one of the bunch is my main Shrvk. He can timeout frequently and it takes a while to load in images of him and his boffs.

This evening I tested them again. All loaded quickly except for him again. All the images remained spinning circles and never loaded in. But it did not timeout.
Awesome! Huge thanks for being so helpful. I also only got the spinning circles, so I will check into that.

By the "ones you've most recently been on", do you mean that you've played them in-game recently? (Like this week?) We have a suspicion that older characters (that haven't been played in the client for a while) might be causing this problem because it takes longer to get them online and updated.