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There is something that I have come to understand in the long time that I've been playing stf's and that is that it seems to me I'm the only one able to protect the kang in Cure or stop the probes in Khitomer. I say this because, everytime I warp in to cure no one is protecting the Kang. They've all run off to attack a cube. In Khitomer everyone runs off to attack a generator forgetting the probes. So there I am stopping them. Or people start out protecting Kang or stopping probes then move off to attack a cube/generator. Makes me laugh.
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The main problem with STFs (and PVE... and PVP...) is the lack of communication within the team. If everyone knew their roles in whatever STF, things would go much smoother - however, it's the following types of people who frak up the mission:

1) Noobs who are using <Mk X gear. *I can pull off an STF with white Mk X gear, if I so needed to. It's all in the build.

2) Noobs who don't know what the chat box is, or have it shut.

3) Noobs who don't know what they are doing in the mission, and fail to ask for help.

4) The "wannabe-Fleet Commanders" who try to order people to do stuff. No one wants to listen to you!

5) Trolls. *Nothing you can do if you get one of these. Report them.

6) AFKers or people who tab-out in the mission loading screen. *Report them.
Easiest solution to both above posts:

Don't pug.

Go to PublicEliteSTF, ask how to do things, and answers will be given (most of them not troll). If you team with players from there, roughly 50% are competent, 25% good, 10% VERY good, and 15% idiots. Thankfully you usually get the other 85%.
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