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02-18-2013, 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Look this argument of 'oh i can get it from the cstore at any time' is garbage. Once you have a tier 5 fleet ship you use it and you keep it. Across characters in an account? Thats also irrelevant as you can't come and say its a 'feature' when most accounts hardly have more than 2 KDF characters and of those chances are only one of them can fly the b'rel (skillpoint/boff templates, etc).

Ok if you only had two KDF characters you still get a great discount. With the C-Store ship to get two Fleet B'rels you will spend 3K Zen. To get it without the C-Store ship you will spend 5K Zen. You would save 2K zen on this ship. That is the cost of several T5 C-Store ships right there!

As for not being able to fly the B'rel? It's a universal ship; every boff slot can be anything you want, any character and trait build can find a use for it. I've seen projectile only B'rels (currently run one), standard cannon B'rels, Science B'rels, at one point I used one as a Bird-of-Heals (eng/sci B'rel).

Oh and having two on one character is great. A PvP and a PvE ship. One for fighting in Kerrat or the Queues and another for things like Fed Minefield, so you can rake in lots of Dilithum and loot.
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