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02-18-2013, 11:16 PM
Originally Posted by meurik View Post
Ooooh, good cover...

180+ pages of (mostly) negative feedback about the Fleet Mark removal, over 1800 replies. And no further update from Mr Stahl on when/if Fleet Marks would be reinstated, or increased elsewhere.

NEWSFLASH!! Waiting 1 day is a travesty. Waiting several days/weeks/months is completely f---ing UNACCEPTABLE.

(So glad I quit funding this game with real cash)
and so lies the problem with so many people thinking they HAVE to use real money in this game, yes its faster to get zen but its not needed, I'm tired of trying to tell people money is not required to play or buy stuff in-game if you choose to do that its your choice but I learned long ago (like when F2P hit) the it was not needed and I get my items the other way

good looking ships Jamz keep up the good work