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Originally Posted by firekeeperhu View Post
i think you're quite alone with this problem... i flew galaxy with my tank engineer captain and it was just fine. a bit slow i can give that, but every cruiser is slow for Christ's sake... i liked it's boff and console park too. now i fly a fleet advanced heavy crusier retro, and that's really great too. the playing style i need to fill the role of the tank is naturally different from what i used to play as in my escorts, but i find tanking also fun. and i have also have a healer sci, so i've played every "classic" rpg gamestyle in this game...
Initially i didn't want ot answer to this, but i think it fits somehow to the OP subject.

You are seriously saying that the Exploration Cruiser is on par with the T5 Excelsior or the even Z-Store Regent for example?
Of course if you like passive and boring ships then the Exploration Cruiser refit is exactly the right ship for you, heck even the Ambassador Class is a monster compared to it!
(for me that just another sign of how much they want to punish TNG and galaxy Class fans.)

Even the devs seem to have understood that the less firepower a ship has the less useful it is in STO. I'm not saying the devs should buff the Exploration Cruiser Refit to make it on par with the Odyssey but at least it shouldn't feel like a punishment for Galaxy Class fans. I use the Exploration Crusier myself a lot and althrough i am not a masochist, i wonder sometimes why i even bother to equip it with weapons at all.
Making such an popular (outside of STO) and iconic ship the worst ship in the game is just evil IMHO.
They should just make it's Sci Lt and Eng. Ensign universal and give it a additional tactical console, that can't be too much, since it would still turn like an oil tanker.

Every Cruiser turns slow, according to Crypitc yes... but it doesn't make sense in any other way. I mean they wouldn't be able to do escort like damage if they could turn faster, but they wouldn't be that boring and annoying to fly.

With the presentation of those Andorian ships the devs just show how much they despise Starfleet ship designs, if you look at how boring, unflexible and passive they made them. They are just another step further to Escort Onlines perfection. I wonder if the devs have ever seen anything else than Star Wars or the war story arc of DS9.

At first glance i thought all three ships where just one but from a different angle. Lol.
For me this game detaches more and more from Star Trek looks, if i look at these ships. I mean, STO never had much Star Trek feeling, but these ships look more like if Klingons had conquered Star Wars, lol.

I hope to see all of you out in space soon, hopefully sporting one of these fantastic escorts, letting those cannons spit out destruction upon anything in your firing arc.

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Yeah welcome to Escorts Online, which has nothing to do with Star Trek except the name, i wish you fun too!

... i think i get headarche again...
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