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02-19-2013, 12:31 AM
^ I agree.

I'm currently at 5 KDF characters, 4 of which occasionally fly the B'rel (2 tacs, 2 sci's. Will try my engineer in it at some point, but just need to figure out what abilities to run, first). Across those characters I run it as: trico-bomber for pve, torp boat, alpha striker, regular cannon bop, healer and a sci/cc vessel.

Once I get access to the fleet version, I'll get it for at least 1, maybe 3 of those.

I don't know. Any c-store ship I'd want to get the fleet version of, I'd make sure to have the c-store version first, as that upgrade discount makes it worth it as soon as you want it on more than 1 character.

In this case, for a single character, it's the same price too: 2000 zen for the c-store version + 1 module, or 5 modules for the fleet version only. Both equals 2500 zen. Don't get me wrong, if the c-store version gets a console or something I'll most likely use it, but so far, I'm not seeing how I'm getting disadvantaged by owning the c-store version.