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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
I definitely want to find out more about Mnemnophage, and also why she was allowed in Starfleet. I don't think my Devidian would've been permitted to serve if not for the fact that he is capable of taking artificially-generated nourishment, all denials by "normal" Devidians to the contrary. (This is not a snipe. You've just piqued my curiosity, is all. )

Oh, and I must "mus sapiens" a tribute to Splinter?
Mus Sapiens was pulled wholesale out of my head, mostly because I find rodents to be pretty cool. :p

I intend to get into a lot of the nitty-gritty of my crew and my character with future stories - there's a reason she was allowed in Starfleet, and she looks pretty darned gnarly, which I will detail eventually. As I started somewhat in medias res, I couldn't find a point within which to jam a description. I'll find somewhere to put a shower scene in the next one (and given as half of the impetus towards designing the Mnemophage is "create a character who is absolutely incapable of having a physical relationship", writing a non-sexy shower scene will be interesting).

In short, Mnem is an anomaly, and her odd system of memory storage/deletion means she really doesn't know where she came from or what she is. It IS a requirement to survival, and if done to liberally it CAN create other creatures like herself... but again, another story. As of now, all I've decided is that her suit is named Rodney.

Still, I'm quite glad for the feedback. Y'all are doing well out there, and it's a pleasure reading all your stuff.