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02-19-2013, 12:41 AM
I do believe that the devs are capable of providing good content and fixing the bugs in the game.

But I don't think they are allowed to spend time doing it by the "overlords" in charge of the game.

If the "overlords" would just take a little time from their "vision" of "farming" the players (aka customers) for every single penny of money we have and address the real problems of the game, they would reap an amazimg amount of long term profit from a STABLE and ENJOYABLE game platform for years!

We, the players (aka customers) are here because we love Star Trek!

We don't love FARMING or bad/no content, or a game that feels like another JOB!

PWE/Cryptic Stop the FARM, Bring back the FUN!

Golly look what I got! Now I can collect game metrics properly and adjust the content correctly!

Delta Rising, The Best Expansion Ever and the Players Love it!