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02-19-2013, 02:40 AM
I voted:
No, but they should care more about the player's concerns.
I think the team are doing a superb job to be quite honest. Granted I've had a moan myself from time to time, but those were trivial issues. The problem with a lot of people is that they want a game specifically for themselves; something that they're not going to get.

The development team for STO have a wide audience to please; all of which want different things out of this game. The team has to make the most of what they've got, whilst at the same time pleasing everyone. I doubt that is an easy task.

Sometimes it feels as though they don't care about us in the sense that they know some of the things we'd like to see, yet when questions are asked about them, we don't get any response. There have been various comments regarding the customization of unique Bridge Officers (unanswered by Cryptic), there are countless bugs that have still not been addressed, there is the issue with the Benzite Bridge Officer (I believe a problem since launch; Cryptic haven't done anything about it yet, and don't comment when the question is asked).

It sometimes feels as though they're only interested in showing us what they're achieving next, rather than fixing the achievements that they've already got in place. On the whole though, I'd say I was satisfied with STO in it's current status. Sure there is a lot of grind to be had, but they can hardly make it easy to acquire the elite gear else every other player would have it and it wouldn't feel that special. We're suppose to be earning this gear, not have it handed to us on a silver plate.